Friday, November 21, 2014

Grade Level Virus/Bacteria Power point or Poster Due Mon. Nov 24th

Grade level students have worked on a Bacteria/Virus of their choice.  They have learned how to use MLA to write correct Work Cited information from various sources to avoid plagiarism. Project is Due Monday Nov. 24th.  Students will begin presenting their Power Point or Poster Monday and Tuesday.  Students who don't finish today will need to finish their project over the weekend for Monday.

SF Introductory Essay Due Tuesday Nov. 25th

Honors students have worked for the past week and half on their Science Fair research (Work Cite) and Introductory Essay using MLA.  This will be a cross-curricular grade for both Science and English. The Introductory Essay will be Due Tuesday Nov. 25th for English.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Monday, November 10, 2014

Test B: Viruses, Bacteria and Protist Wed. Nov 12th

Students received their Test A Viruses, Bacteria and Protist today.  Students needed to have scored an 80% or higher.  If they did not, we spent today re-teaching the concepts missed the most.  Students were counselled to continue studying for Test B on Wednesday Nov. 12th.  I will take the higher of the two grades.  Students will need to study their Purple Student Progress chart with their vocabulary,  they will need to study the pictures they drew of their Protists, Bacteria and Virus.

Advanced Math Classes -- Business Project is Due Wednesday!!

No School Tomorrow in Honor of Veteran's Day!