Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Voc. quiz-Friday, Jan. 30, 2015----
Poetry Book is due Next Tuesday, Feb 03, 2015.....

Science Test A Thur. Jan. 29th

Science Test A will be Thursday Jan. 29th over Hierarchy, Homeostasis, Muscular, Skeletal and Nervous Systems.  Students will need to study their notes, handouts, labs, Bellringers, etc.  that we have covered over the past 3 weeks.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Dissection Gloves, Hand soap and Paper towels

Science will begin a series of dissections over the next 9 weeks.  The use of dissection gloves is optional, but preferred.  We need latex (or non-latex) gloves of various sizes, though medium (or one size fits all) seems to work for everyone except those with really small hands or those with really large hands.  We could also use hand soap for clean up afterwards and paper towels for drying hands and lab materials.  Thank you for your continual support.

Gloves purchased at Wal-Mart, CVS, Walgreen's etc. in the First Aid section work very well. 

Science Quiz Friday Jan. 23th

There will be a Science Quiz Friday Jan. 23rd over the Muscular and Skeletal System, plus review over Hierarchy and Homeostasis.  Students will need to study notes, handouts and Bellringers.

Friday, January 9, 2015

TenMarks Assignments are Due by Tuesday

All students have been given their usernames and passwords again.  Please ensure the helpful videos and hints are being utilized.  These are for grades and have the potential to help your student better comprehend math skills being taught in class.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Science Fair Research Papers IMPORTANT

Only a little over half the students in the Honors class turned in their Science Fair Research Paper.  I will be taking off 10% each day that it is due until Friday.  Please ask them if they turned it in, this assignment is a MAJOR test grade, they had class time as well as extended time over the holidays to complete the assignment.  I will be at OMS after school until 4:30 tomorrow and Friday for student who need to work in the computer lab.  This research paper will be a DOUBLE grade for science and English.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

HONORS Tri-Fold Boards due Jan 12th

Science Fair Tri-fold boards for HONORS due date has been moved to Monday Jan. 12th.  We spent time going over criteria for credit as well as display board creativity etc.  We will spend a little time in the computer lab for students who need it.

The follow is due on the boards:

  4. Project Board/Display Board/Trifold Board (50 points)
Display the following items on a trifold board.  48X36 board. BE CREATIVE, original. Use large enough print so ALL can see, good formatting, and neatness! Put your name and class period on the BACK of your boards! No hand writing, unless approved by teacher.
_____1. Question/Title (8pts) (Largest of all)
_____2. Hypothesis (8pts)
_____3. Materials (4pts)
_____4. Procedures (4pts
_____5. Conclusion (8pts)
_____6. Data collected/Results (tables, charts, graphs) (9pts)
_____7. Improvements (9pts)